Werner Seligmann Architecture + Urbanism

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Scherz House

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Olean Senior Center (TBD)

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Urbanism (26)

Beth David Synagogue

National Competitions (17)

International Competitions (37)

Ft Lauderdale Riverfront Plaza


Purpose of this interim website

This is an interim website in preparation for an upcoming book, Werner Seligmann Architecture + Urbanism, by Syracuse University professor emeritus Bruce M Coleman—for him, "it's a labor of love."

In identifying potential drawings and photos for the book, Bruce had found mostly sub-standard images, especially since most projects predate the digital era, and some images date back to the mid-50s.

This website presents 42 projects likely to be included in the upcoming book and those images being considered, all of which have been enhanced as much as possible to make them comprehensible to the 21st century architecture enthusiast.

Viewing the content

There are four ways one can view the content of this website:

• Project by project: click any image or name below to go directly to that project page—gray arrows will move you between pages and to the next project

Topic by topic:

click on the cover to the right and then click on each category in the lower righthand corner

• Cover to cover: click on the cover to the right, but use the gray arrows—this will reveal every page of the book, including inside flaps, blank pages and back cover

• Flip books: simulate the feel of actually reading the book—recommended—two options to the right...

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