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The Synagogues


Eduard Hueber


This project began with a large existing sanctuary and a cluster of classrooms and offices at the rear. Situated on a prominent entry road to the city of Rochester and with a growing congregation they sought to add a new sanctuary together with a large social hall, areas that could be combined during the high holy days when attendance increases dramatically.

To provide a new lobby and approach, the sanctuary was brought forward towards the street and the social hall was aligned at the rear with a large moving wall separating them. To prevent the social hall from becoming an entirely interior space without much access to daylight, a courtyard filled with a canopy of trees, was formed at the rear of the social hall, allowing the congregation to move outdoors when the weather permitted.

A series of unsolvable conflicts arose, including the degree to which the entry vestibule should be open to view from the street and the selection of consultants, led Seligmann to abandon the project. The schematic drawings were executed by another firm in Rochester.

Congregation Beth Sholom

1161 Monroe Ave, Rochester, New York

Temple Brith Sholom


Eduard Hueber

Frank Schmurgleberry